About Our Team

Who we are - We...

  • Work for the largest, most successful wealth management business in Canada
  • Are well respected in the community both RBC and our team
  • Have built great relationships with our clients, our partners and our fellow community leaders

What we do - We...

  • Pride ourselves on our conservative, well-diversified approach and the results this approach has generated for clients over many years
  • Are our clients personal chief financial officer
  • Help our clients make the right financial decisions to get what they want out of life
  • Provide a comprehensive, multigenerational focus and take care of the whole family

Who we do it for - We work with...

  • Business owners and former business owners who have sold their businesses
  • Professionals and retirees

How we do it...

Money management approach
  •   Asset allocation is key to our success
  •   We have a disciplined approach, using primarily individual securities (stocks, bonds and GICs)
  •   We use a fee-based approach, which is wholly transparent and very tax- efficient
Wealth management approach
  •   We deliver succession, estate and tax planning for business owners, professionals and retirees
  •   We leverage our RBC specialists in these fields to help deliver these services

Thank you for your interest in wealth management at RBC Dominion Securities. For more information, or to arrange a complimentary consultation, please contact our team today.