A Comprehensive Financial Plan: On the path to retirement

Financial Planning ensures that you leave no stone unturned related to your financial situation. Providing strategies to achieve your retirement goals as well as other important financial goals such as, minimizing taxes or planning for the eventual transfer of your estate.
A comprehensive written financial plan addresses all aspects of your financial affairs, including cash and debt management, tax and investment planning, risk management and retirement and estate planning.
A customized, comprehensive financial plan should involve the following:
  • In-depth discovery discussion to ensure that your goals, aspirations and objectives are clearly identified
  • Projection of your financial situation (investment, retirement and estate) based on your current strategies and savings rate
  • Recommendation of key investment, tax, estate and retirement planning strategies that are aligned with your goals
  • Projection of your financial situation if the recommended strategies are implemented
  • An action plan that summarizes the key recommendations and a clear guideline for you and your advisor to help monitor their implementation

Jeff Schultz
, Financial Planning Consultant
Jeff has a career of over 20 years in the financial services industry starting back in 1989 with RBC. His experience includes working at two other large financial service providers specializing in planning for high net worth and high income earning individuals and their families.
Jeff’s role along with your Portfolio Manager, is to find the financial solution to meet your objectives, both now and in the years to come. With the strength and experience of RBC DS, the complete range of financial and investment services are taken into consideration while your financial plan is being developed.