Wealth management is a comprehensive approach to helping you achieve your desired financial future, and it extends far beyond investment advice.

As a leader in the demanding and highly specialized practice of private wealth management, The Darcy Zaporzan Wealth Management Group exists to provide distinctive and sophisticated solutions in alignment with your specific objectives. We help you and your family navigate the complexities of managing wealth by helping you understand the various financial issues, concerns and opportunities you face at every life stage.

Knowing that your investment assets are treated sacredly and cared for judiciously provides peace of mind. The next question is, what will your legacy be? The transition of family wealth, philanthropy, or another unique and significant achievement?

Core to our business is enabling you to fulfill your dreams and ambitions beyond present day. Multi-generational wealth management is an integral element of our investment process. We are here to guide you — and your family — at each stage of accumulating, protecting, and transferring wealth.


Our vision: to bring your future to the present,

to do something about it now.”



Darcy Zaporzan

Senior Portfolio Manager & Investment Advisor

Heather Maxwell

Associate Wealth & Investment Advisor

Nandin Ganbold

Investment Associate

Rowella Aguilar


Lindsay Smart