Structured Notes Canada

RBC Capital Markets designs and issues a range of structured note strategies to meet client investment objectives. They regularly issue strategies available to the investing public that complement equity and fixed income portfolios. The breadth of their capabilities also allows them to offer strategies that complement alternative investment approaches for generating growth, income and capital protection.

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Structured Notes

Low risk doesn't have to mean low interest rates.

Consider Principal Protected Structured Notes (PPN) for your portfolio.

  • Benefit from the full protection of RBC Royal Bank
  • Potentially far greater rates than GIC's


Principal Protected Notes (PPNs)


Principal Protected Notes (PPNs) are products which guarantee a full return of their principal amount at maturity, while providing the opportunity to benefit from the performance of equity markets. Conservative investors who seek equity market exposure but have low risk tolerance are well suited to PPNs.

PPNs can be effective alternatives to GICs and other fixed income instruments. Returns can be paid through periodic fixed or variable coupon payments over the life of the note, or as a single payment at maturity. PPNs can be linked to a variety of underlyings investments including indices, single stocks, portfolios of shares, industry sectors, commodities and currencies.

PPNs are suited for clients who:

  • Would like equity market returns that provide the potential to earn a return that is greater than comparable fixed income investments
  • Want access to a variety of underlying investments
  • Seek growth or income in their portfolio
  • Need daily liquidity
  • Are comfortable with an investment term of 4 – 10 years