Simplicity and specialization are the hallmarks of our practice


At Cushing Private Wealth Partners, we maintain a deep awareness of the opportunities, nuances, and hot-button issues pertinent to the business community we serve.

Active investment management

Simplicity is elegant. By bringing order to your entire financial life, we can provide peace of mind and identify which levers can be pulled in pursuit of your goals.

A core-plus approach. Our core strategy is to invest in high-quality companies with growing cash flows, which we then augment for added diversification and greater potential returns.

Access to the whole investment universe. Whether it’s a public company overseas or a domestic alternative investment, we find productive assets in exclusive places.

Competitive, risk-adjusted returns. It’s essential to balance growth goals with appropriate risk, not only so that we are well-positioned to preserve capital, but also to enable us to play offense through fluctuations in the business cycle.


Our wealth advisory services

Meet our experts

Tax-smart strategies

What steps can we take today to reduce your tax obligations tomorrow?

Insurance advisory

Identifying the various ways insurance can be used for much more than a rainy day.

Cash flow management

A plan around cash allows us to fund your day-to-day life expenses and prevent potential liquidity crunches.

An armada of experts

Exclusive access to over 200 industry-leading accountants, legal experts, and tax advisors.

Estate & legacy planning

Preserve your wealth, prepare the next generation, and leave a legacy.