Happy New Year!

Jan 02, 2020 | Dan Rudisuela


Featuring the longest business cycle of the past 75 years, the continuation of low interest rates, early recessionary indicators and disruption of the industrials sector, 2020 promises to be anything but dull.

A New Year, a new decade and a new report from RBC Wealth Management on the issues impacting portfolios in 2020. We are starting the decade with expectations of moderate returns for the year and some time still before the next U.S. recession hits. As such, we are venturing into the New Year with caution and curiosity.

This is a time to evaluate long-term goals and re-balance portfolios to appropriate weightings. Portfolios that have taken on more risk either through growth or avoidance of low-yield fixed income vehicles should be brought back to their long-term target weight.

The article "A New Industrial Revolution" is an insightful look into the massive transformation taking place in the world and how this is changing the investment outlook for the Industrials sector. The landscape is going to look very different at the start of the next decade - now is the time to look for companies with the competitive advantage to carry them through the disruption.

The complete report is available here and for one-on-one discussion, I am available here. Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2020!