Bridging the Gap: What Canadians Told Us About the Skills Revolution

May 10, 2019 | Dan Rudisuela


The skills revolution is affecting people in every corner of Canada — so RBC set out to talk to them.

People working modern jobs

A year ago RBC launched Humans Wanted: How Canadian youth can thrive in the age of disruption, a ground-breaking research report that examined the coming skills revolution in Canada. It was found that for Canada to thrive in a time of profound economic and technological change, we need to develop a workforce that is highly mobile and equipped with the skills critical to the jobs of the future. (I have mentioned the Humans Wanted report in writing about the RBC Talent Hub at SMU and the Summer Student Orientation I recently participated in).

Following up from the Humans Wanted report is the new report Bridging the Gap: What Canadians told us about the skills revolution. The insights shared in this report are the result of 36 events and roundtable discussions conducted in 12 cities over 10 months. More than 5,000 Canadians, ranging from youth and workers to employers, educators and policymakers, shared their perspectives on how Canada can prepare for a disrupted future. Given that, in the next decade, 25% of Canadian jobs will be heavily disrupted by technology and 50% will have an overhaul of the skills required this is an interesting and important read for all of us.