Building your financial future


             Generating value, income and financial security for 30 years

Dallas Claypool has 30 years of experience operating in investment management, growing his client’s wealth and building robust portfolios. Dallas has navigated all types of market conditions, maintaining a strong focus on his client’s income, providing them with stability and growth.

Unique approach to portfolio design

One size doesn’t fit all. Investment portfolio development requires a high degree of care and attention to meet individual situations and needs. Dallas builds investment strategies based on your circumstances including age, stage, income and assets, current financial and commitments. Then, anticipating future events including tax, retirement goals and legacy (estate) issues.


Custom, personalized portfolio creation

Dallas works alongside you to build the right portfolio and develop your understanding with the investment instruments being used. As time goes on, and circumstances change, the portfolio strategy can be adjusted to ensure it keeps step with your needs.


              Financial and Estate Planning    

While wealth management is at the core of Dallas’s focus, his team is also well equipped to assist you with the important areas of financial and estate planning.


Are your investments achieving the right results?

Dallas is available to help you to determine if your current investment plan is supporting your goals or to develop a new strategy from the ground up. The objective is for you to have greater confidence in your finances.