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Our Investment Process

At Cooper Wealth Management of RBC Dominion Securities, we provide tailored solutions for our clients' many different objectives, from retirement and estate planning to securing income over the short term.

Our chief focus is on generating sufficient cash flow from your portfolio, to meet your current and ongoing income needs. Any surplus cash flow is then reinvested according to three key principles: diversification, stock selection and asset mix.

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We seek to lower market risk in our clients' portfolios by selecting equities across a range of market sectors. This sector diversification ensures your portfolio will not be overly vulnerable to a downturn in any one market area.

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Stock Selection

For every stock we choose for your portfolio, we focus on numerous factors, including:

  1. Market capitalization – Larger companies tend to be more stable than smaller ones

  2. Liquidity – Whether we can buy and sell the company easily

  3. Earnings – We look for strong, consistent earnings growth

  4. Cash flow – Companies that can fund and grow their business assets

  5. Options eligible –we enhance income through the use of our covered call options strategy

  6. Dividend policy – Whether the company pays a sustainable dividend to its investors

  7. Market leadership – Is the company the best in its class?

  8. Portfolio interaction – How will it work within your portfolio to reduce overall risk?

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Asset Mix

Our goal is to earn the highest possible return while incurring the lowest possible risk. With that in mind, we will include both fixed-income and equity securities, in Canadian and US dollars, to balance stability and growth, as market conditions dictate and as we feel appropriate for your own portfolio goals.

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As we develop your portfolio strategy, we take diligent steps to get to know you, your family and your business, and to determine the wealth management services that can augment your portfolio strategy. We involve you in this process to ensure you are comfortable with your level of service, the solutions we recommend and where you stand in the investment process.

While your individual portfolio will be determined based on your unique situation and goals, some of our most asked-about services are detailed in the interactive graphic below.

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Strategic Needs Analysis

After we develop a solid connection and understanding with you, we then proceed to uncover your comprehensive needs as an individual, a family member, a business owner or all of the above. We then carefully develop a strategy to provide solutions for your wealth management needs, and implement them throughout the rest of our Wealth Management Process.

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Financial Planning

Protect your finances and streamline your financial affairs with a customized financial plan. Together with our extended financial planning team we provide you with net worth and cash flow statements, analyze your debt and risk management strategies, ensure you have sufficient insurance coverage and assess your investment and estate planning needs.


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Our onsite personal banking solutions take care of your everyday needs and through Private Banking, we provide access to sophisticated banking services that go beyond everyday banking, including high-end credit vehicles, structured loans and preferred rates on a wide range of investments. For business owners, RBC Royal Bank Commercial Financial Services can provide streamlined processing, foreign exchange and employee loyalty programs.

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Business Planning

Through our Wealth Management Services team, we assist in planning for your business, from start-up to wind-down. We can help you manage your business investment assets, create employee retirement plans, implement enhanced executive benefits, protect against the sudden loss of a key employee, reduce business risk, meet your cash and lending needs and create a succession plan for the eventual sale or transfer of your business.

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With careful tax-planning strategy in place, you can grow the wealth you have accumulated while minimizing your tax burden. We can work with your accounting professional, or if you do not have council we can make a referral to assist in all tax-related matters.

"We leverage our relationships with several accounting partners to develop a proper tax strategy for our clients."

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Estate & Trust Planning

When most people hear the term estate planning, they typically think of their Will. While a valid Will is a fundamental component of any estate plan, there are several other elements that we can assist with:

  • Creating and updating valid Wills for all adults in the family

  • Arranging different types of Powers of Attorney

  • Evaluate and establish sufficient insurance coverage

  • Use of Joint Tenancy agreements to establish and preserve ownership structures

  • Advanced trust planning

  • Taxes at death

  • Establishment of charitable giving plans and legacy giving

  • By planning for tomorrow today, you can retain more of your assets, protect your estate and leave a lasting legacy for your family.


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Charitable Giving

The Charitable Gift Program is specifically designed for individuals and families wishing to support charitable causes in a meaningful way, without the time and cost associated with establishing a private foundation. Through this program you can make initial and ongoing contributions to a charitable gift fund managed by the Charitable Gift Funds Canada Foundation (CGFCF), one of the leading charitable foundations in the country.

You can contribute cash, securities or other assets then recommend grants to the charitable organizations of your choice all coupled with an immediate tax benefit.

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Investment Management Action Plan

Working closely with you and your family, we formalize our process with an Investment Policy Statement.

In this personalized document we clarify key elements of your investment preferences to create a framework that guides our discretionary trading. These elements include:

  • Your investment style and goals

  • Your personal risk tolerance and comfort level with market volatility

  • The length of time you expect to be investing

  • Your expectations for portfolio return

  • Your need for liquidity in the portfolio

  • Personal and business tax implications