Cooper Wealth Management of RBC Dominion Securities provides tailored solutions to manage your personal and business wealth through any market cycle. From everyday financial plans to multifaceted wealth management strategies, we utilize a unique, comprehensive and fully integrated process to ensure the growth and protection of your wealth – today and well into the future.





Financial and Wealth Planning

Protect your finances and streamline your financial affairs with a customized wealth management plan. With our partners at RBC Wealth Management Services, we provide customized net worth and cash flow statements, analyze your debt and risk management strategies, and assess your long-term investment and estate planning needs.

Private and Commercial Banking

Access the services of RBC Private Banking, which include tailored banking packages for individual or multiple accounts, with a variety of credit vehicles and short- and long-term lending strategies.

Our business banking services through RBC Royal Bank can provide you with streamlined processing, foreign exchange and employee loyalty programs to comprehensively address all your business banking needs.

Discretionary Investment Management

Delegate day-to-day investment decisions with confidence and benefit from the disciplined approach and specialized expertise of your personal money managers. We work directly with you to carefully build and manage your portfolio according to your individual specifications.

Business Owner Planning

Obtain assistance to help you plan your business interests. We can help you manage your business investment assets, create employee retirement plans, implement enhanced executive benefits, reduce business risk, meet your cash and lending needs and create a plan to sell or transfer your business as you approach retirement.

Charitable Giving

Support charitable causes that are important to you, while reducing your personal tax burden, through RBC's philanthropic services and the RBC Charitable Gift Program. We can also help you and your family to create a lasting legacy by setting up your own charitable foundation.


Financial & Wealth Planning


Personal & Commercial Banking


Discretionary Investment Management


Business Owner Planning


Charitable Giving