CRM II Resource

What is CRM II?

CRM2 is a series of industry-wide regulatory amendments that will be fully implemented by mid-2017. These rules apply to all dealers and advisors in Canada, including IIROC and MFDA dealers and investment counselling firms. The key impacts of these regulations include two new reports that will be delivered to clients in January 2017: 1) one that lists all fees, in dollars that each of their accounts generated and 2) one that shows the details of the performance of each client account including a money-weighted rate of return for their account which could differ from the industry-standard time-weighted rate of return calculation.

Below are some resources for you to become familiar with the changes and how Cooper Wealth Management continues to exceed industry standards in reporting fees while staying competitive.

Please do not hesitate to call us to discuss the changes or reach out if you would like more information.