RBC Wealth Management Financial Literacy Program overview

The program comprises four main focus areas - Earnings & Savings, Wealth Planning Basics, Investing & Advanced Planning - each with its own set of advisor-led learning Modules that address the key topics, questions, and aspects. To further augment the learning and usability of the information, a number of Modules also include case studies and practical exercises to help individuals apply real-life situations and scenarios. The following provides an overview of the program components:


1. Earnings & Savings

Budgeting money

Expenses and how to budget effectively

Income and taxation

Sources of income and tax rules

Banking services

Bank accounts and digital services


How interest works for the borrower and the lender


Credit scores, borrowing options, mortgages, staying financially fit

Account types

Investment accounts available to Canadians


2. Wealth Planning Basics

Planning benefits

Planning process approaches, components, benefits and steps

Wealth stage plans

Examining the goals of an early saver, a mid-life accumulator, a preserver/spender

Financial documentation

Common documents in investing, banking and planning


3. Investing

Asset classes

Understanding cash, bonds, and stocks

Markets & investment vehicles

Examining capital, secondary and stock markets; mutual funds, ETFs, etc.

Risk & diversification

Importance of diversification and “risk and return” relationship

Risk tolerance profile

Determining investment profile and comfort level with risk

Building a portfolio

Building a portfolio for an early saver, a mid-life accumulator, a preserver/spender

Understanding fees

What fees are and why they exist


4. Advanced Planning

Wills & estates

Key components, the importance of planning, documentation


How and where insurance fits into wealth planning

Charitable giving

Categories of giving and types of donations


Trust types, purposes, and benefits

Wealth transfer

Planning for passing wealth to the next generation

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