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We continue to think about the welfare of our clients, family and friends during this challenging time. Concurrently, we are thinking of our clients’ investment portfolios and are monitoring developments with respect to the spread of the coronavirus, government responses, and implications for economic growth and the markets. With so much information from so many sources (Social media, TV, Newspapers, Websites) it can be overwhelming as you try to stay up to date. Throughout this pandemic, I will keep the homepage up to date with links to different articles and stories that will keep you informed. As well, I will include articles in the Health & Wellness and Community News sections to help you with ideas of what you can do during the social distancing. Click on any of the headers below to jump to a section. Feel free to reach out with questions or to share an article that you believe would be a good addition.

Stay Safe, Connor

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Financial Market & Economic Updates

The 10-Minute Take - Ongoing

The 10-Minute Take” is a new podcast series dedicated to providing insights from RBC economists and market experts on events unfolding around the globe. Link to podcasts

March 30th Economic Update - Full Article
Canadian dollar weakened but not headed for historical lows - March 27th

Canadian dollar traded below 70 cents this week, but don't dust off “Northern Peso" references - Full Article

Are Canadian bank dividends sustainable - March 27th

As we continue in this period of tempered economic growth and uncertainty on the back of the COVID-19 crisis and an oil price war, we think it is important to take a closer look at the Canadian banks, particularly the sustainability of their dividend - Full Article

BOC cuts rates and joins the QE club - March 27th

The Bank of Canada lowered its overnight rate to 0.25% this morning and launched a new program of weekly government bond purchases that represents the bank’s first foray into quantitative easing. - Full article

March 26th Economic Update - Full Article
US jobless claims off the charts - March 26th

Today's initial claims figure was at the upper end of the wide range of market expectations. - Full Article

Ontario takes our big guns to fight COVID-19 - March 26th

The Ontario government yesterday was the latest to unveil a hefty $17 billion action plan (1.9% of GDP) to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. - Full Article

Audio commentary: Coronavirus, the oil shock, and market impact - March 25th 

To help make sense of the challenging environment, Mark Bayko, head of the Portfolio Advisory Group, and Patrick McAllister, Canadian portfolio advisor, discussed how the coronavirus outbreak and oil price shock are impacting the Canadian economy and stock market, what they’re observing from the fast-moving developments, and what to expect from here. Audio

Canada’s economy enters uncharted waters - March 24th

Canada's economy faces hit from COVID-19 and oil price plunge Full Article

Reflection of reality - March 24th

The serious human toll and adverse economic and financial market consequences of COVID-19 continue to mount as the virus spreads further throughout North America and penetrates deeper in Europe. Full Article

Federal fiscal support: phase one done but a long way to go - March 24th

Canada's phase one of the COVID-19 fiscal stimulus was launched only a week ago and already it appears that it isn't enough. Full Article

March 23rd Economic Update - Full Article
COVID-19’s threat to Canada’s vulnerable workers - March 23rd 

Measures to stem the spread of COVID-19, while essential to protect the population, have temporarily wiped out demand for services, taking an immediate heavy toll on Canadian labour markets. Full Article

Central Bank policies are in a race with the coronavirus - March 20th 

The Fed and global central banks are moving fast to keep the financial system running as economic activity risks slowing to a walk. Full Article

Fiscal Stimulus joins the fight against the coronavirus

We look at governments’ “antiviral injections” of cash, which are critical to buttress economies against the economic threats posed by the pathogen. Full Article

Audio commentary: Coronavirus developments and market impact

Our latest thoughts on the unfolding coronavirus outbreak and the investment implications. Link to Audio

March 15th Economic Update - Full Article
Market Update - March 13th
Dan Chornous, Chief Investment Officer, RBC Global Asset Management

Following a week that has included the worst single day for stocks since the 1987 crash, owners of risk assets are no doubt feeling bruised and uneasy. The size of the threat from Covid-19 is still undefined and policy responses have not, so far, contained the fear. Into the mix, an oil price war casts a long shadow on a critical sector already under pressure. A sense of foreboding and vulnerability has entered our living rooms with quickly cancelled spring vacations, school closures, the NBA, NHL and MLB halting operations, celebrities and politicians sharing their own health crises and for an increasing number, work from home or even quarantine reordering their routine. Full article

The vise of volatility tightens - March 10th

As if the further spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) wasn’t enough for equity and fixed income markets to contend with, the collapse in crude oil prices has exacerbated volatility and heightened economic uncertainties. Full Article

Government Updates

Phase one COVID-19 stimulus mostly helps households - March 18th 

Canada's federal government announced a stimulus package of $27 billion (1.2% of GDP) in direct spending, and $55 billion (2.4%) in tax deferrals for individuals and businesses. Full Article

Bank of Canada commits to do what's necessary to keep the system running - March 18th 

The Bank of Canada Governor did not make any new policy announcements today but ran through the long list of policies put in place to support the financial system and ensure that credit is available to households and businesses. Full Article

Six key considerations for new entrepreneurs - March 18th

From assessing competitiveness to reducing risk, giving thought to specific planning aspects can help set the stage for success. Full article

A week for the record books - February 28th

After a brutal week for stocks, markets expect a flurry of Fed rate cuts. But already low Treasury yields are only moving to new record lows. Full Article

Health & Wellness

Free online Ivy League courses

101+ Ideas to keep you kids busy during COVID-19 closures

The best at-home workout streaming services to try during COVID-19

When it’s all too much, here’s how to quell coronavirus anxiety, according to experts


RBC commits $2-million in support of COVID-19 community response efforts

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Growth versus value investing in a COVID-19 world

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Audio commentary: The outlook for U.S. equity markets

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Augmented reality in a post-COVID world

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The rally’s narrowness doesn’t negate the move, and if the bottoming process is for real we should see more inclusive participation in months ahead.

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