One of the biggest challenges facing investors is the natural, yet counter-productive emotional response to the inevitable ups and downs of the stock markets.  Many investors unfortunately sell good stocks when the markets are generally going down, only to miss out when those same stocks bounce back.  Sometimes, they hold onto a bad stock that's gone down in value for too long, unable to deal emotionally with losing money on the stock.

Cindy and her team believe that the key to successful investing is taking a disciplined approach that avoids emotional responses.  She follows four steps to achieve a custom designed portfolio:

Step 1:  Discovery-Understanding your needs and goals 

Cindy's first and most important job is to listen to you and understand your needs and dreams for the future.  She will take the time to understand your specific investment goals, such as saving for retirement, minimizing taxes or financing a business, and the timeframes available to achieve them.  In addition, Cindy will consider your return expectations and tolerance for risk.  This "discovery process" doesn't end here- as time passes, and your situation changes, Cindy will work with you to ensure that your investment strategy remains current.

Step 2:  Strategy- Creating your investment plan for managing your assets 

Based on your needs and goals, Cindy will use some of the most sophisticated financial planning tools available to help recommend an investment plan and asset allocation tailored to your personal circumstances.  If appropriate, she will also work with your existing professional network, and/or other specialists within RBC Wealth Management's network, to ensure your investment strategy is aligned with your financial objectives. 

Step 3: Implementation - Building your custom-designed portfolio 

Once you've created your strategy and are comfortable with the plan, Cindy will implement it by building your personal portfolio.  Using RBC Wealth Management's leading-edge research, she will select your assets from a complete universe of investments from sources worldwide.  This includes:

  • Investments for growth, such as Canadian, US and international stocks
  • Investments for income, including government and corporate bonds
  • Investments for capital preservation, including GICs

Step 4: Review - Ensuring continuous discipline and attention

The last step in the process is to monitor your progress towards your continued success. Cindy will review your portfolio with you on a regular basis and recommend appropriate changes to keep you on track.  You will receive detailed account statements, portfolio review statements, transaction updates and tax reports.