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We are sharing an email (below) that we feel everyone should read ...

Coronavirus Message from your Friendly Infectious Diseases Specialist

Dr. Andrew Morris, MD, SM(Epi), FRCPC

Medical Director, Antimicrobial Stewardship Program

Sinai Health System/University Health Network
Professor, Department of Medicine
Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto


Dear Friends, Family, Players, Parents, and Coaches,

We are in a remarkable time in our lives: there is an infectious diseases threat without effective treatment. I will not deny that these should be scary times. Professionally, I have dedicated by work to drug-resistant infections, and have been warning anyone who would listen that our biggest immediate global threat is infections without effective treatment, and we are here sooner than even I anticipated. I wish I were wrong.

I want to get to my next basketball season, the next school semester, and my next vacation. I want you to do so as well. We will. But it requires extraordinary effort for what might now seem like overkill. (I assure you it is not—it is anything but. I know this because I am trained in infectious diseases and epidemiology, and I have a massive cadre of colleagues much smarter than me who agree with me.)

I apologize for sending information widely this way, but I have been getting about ~100-200 texts, emails, DMs, and phone calls/day and I really want to do my bit to help everyone, but it is hard to respond individually promptly all the time.

So please read the following, follow my advice, and please share:

Practice social distancing. This means minimizing the number of people you are seeing, and how close you are to them when you see them. If you stay alone in your home, you will absolutely not get infected with coronavirus. If you stay alone, and 1 other person comes and goes, then your risk remains low, but it is still substantially higher than being alone, because that person could be picking up the infection, and introducing it to your home from any number of sources. I am not suggesting holing yourself up—get outside—but minimize the amount of unnecessary contact. This means, don’t go to places where there are many people and keep all gatherings to ~6 people or less. (I am making up that number, by the way, but it seems reasonable to me.)

Minimize your direct contact with people who are old and/or frail. They are at highest risk from this coronavirus.

Keep clean. Especially hands and surfaces where hands touch (door knobs, keyboards). Always wash hands with soap and water before you eat, and try to not eat by putting food in your mouth without some kind of utensil. DO NOT SHARE FOOD OR HAVE MULTIPLE HANDS DIPPING IN A BOWL OR BAG.

Did I mention washing your hands? Good. Now also don't touch your face. (I know it is hard, but just try.)

Do not travel. Anywhere if possible, but certainly not far from home. The farther you travel, the higher the likelihood that you are increasing your risk of exposure to infection--and bringing it back to where you live.

If you have travelled anywhere outside of Canada in the past 2 weeks, quarantine yourself until you have been back in Canada for 14 days. This is hugely important. (By the way, New York, Florida, Mexico, Cuba, and France are all outside of Canada.) If you live in the US ... I'm sorry, but it is currently much worse where you are then here. I won't get into why, but please be careful.

Don’t hoard stuff. Get what you need, and a bit more.

Be kind to others, and remember that this will pass. If you follow 1-7, we will get through this in the best way possible, and we will remember how well we all handled this adversity together.

Be kind to yourself: eat and drink well, sleep, and exercise. If you are a basketball player, work on your weak hand and shooting range (trust me).

I’ll see you when this is all over. It will likely be several months, but it will be over. If it seems like I am being dismissive or ignoring you, etc, it is because I am doing what I can to help in this effort, and what will be required of me is uncertain at present.


p.s. You can follow me on Twitter @ASPphysician if you'd like. I am using it to educate and also to create change.

p.p.s. The upside is that it looks like the Raptors will be NBA Champions for 2 years running.

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