How AI and robotics making inroads in all corners of the health care sector?

Dec 08, 2019 | Wendy Chung


In the world of investments, the popular dinner and cocktail party discussions are often about growth oriented firms. This is particularly true with the hottest and sexiest tech firms that accelerates global changed. Disruptive innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI), block chains, robotics and advances in genomics are exciting, full of potential and aspirations.

While this is a thrilling era, many clients that have been with us for many years understand that our investment discipline and principal is that we don’t gamble our client’s hard earned money in speculative firms or uncertain industries. We take the prudent approach in participating in growth and technology by hand selecting a portfolio manager that a hundred percent specializes in this space. This expert has to really follow closely with innovation advancement. Both Rami and I simply can’t do the same justice for our clients compare to the expert in this area. For more information on how we approach technology in our portfolios, you can contact us here.

However today we would like to shift the conversation from capitalizing on tech sector investments to how technology such as AI, Robotics, etc will transform the healthcare sector. Like many of the other industries, there is risk to workforce due to automation. It also presents new opportunities to develop new skills such as digital fluency, delivery of virtual care, and navigation skills.

We think it is a thoughtful read from RBC Thought Leadership: “Paging Dr. Data: How the Coming Skills Revolution Can Transform Healthcare.”

It also includes a podcast episode on Solving for the Silver Tsunami from the RBC Disruptor series. We hope you give you some fresh perspective about the future.