1. Who we are:

Our bilingual team of four specializes with English and/or Japanese speaking personal, business, and professional clients with families in BC (Vancouver/Victoria/Whistler/Kelowna), Alberta (Calgary/Banff), and Ontario (Toronto) areas.

Many of our clients have family ties overseas or choose to stay overseas seasonally, months at a time.

2. What we can do:

We can help ensure your individual, family, or business wealth are in line and managed with your best interests long term.

We can help transition your wealth so that your successors and/or beneficiaries are well informed through our education.

We can help maintain and grow your wealth if you have family or business overseas and/or stay overseas seasonally.

3. When to contact us:

If you or someone you know is moving, downsizing a home, or selling property and require regular income from proceeds.

If you have a diverse financial situation and/or looking for the best way to protect and/or manage the transfer of wealth.

If you, your family, or contacts are looking to simplify and/or consolidate and prefer service in Japanese and/or English.

4. Where to find us:

Our office is located in Downtown Vancouver across the street from Shangri-La Hotel.

Our services are available to residents of BC, Alberta, and Ontario. Please contacts us by phone or email 24/7.

5. Why us?

Our team of four is fluent in both English and Japanese and have lived and worked in both Canada and Japan.

We have ties to both countries like many of our clients and want to ensure they are serviced and well taken care of long term.

Individuals and family members may be more comfortable being serviced in English, Japanese, or both.

We can help in both languages verbal and written, in person, phone, email, or by fax.

6. How are we different?

Utilizing the breadth of RBC and team, we are always current on the industry and researching the companies and managers to invest your hard earned wealth.

We work with local professionals (accountants, lawyers, notaries, immigration consultants, experts within RBC and industry) to provide an exceptional client experience.

We help manage your wealth long term so you can focus your time and energy on what is important to you. Work, family, hobby, etc. Please reach out to us anytime.













長引く低金利、インフレによる家計の圧迫、税金負担、定期収入の確保、 老後資金の

確保など、 これらは現在多くの方が抱える不安です。 RBCウェルス・マネジメントでは

これらを克服する 資産運用を提案いたします。


Our Premium Services

Financial advising to secure and grow your wealth (for individual and corporate clients)

 ・Investment Advising Service

・Portfolio Planning

 ・Financial Planning

・Retirement Planning

 ・Estate Planning, Trust Service

・Insurance Advising

 ・Support by Japanese Language

⇒more about our premium services

RBC Wealth Management can provide solutions to overcome low interest rate environment, inflation, and tax burden, and also to secure reliable income including retirement income.


・ 母体であるRoyal Bank of Canadaは世界で最も安全な銀行トップ10

・ Royal Bank of Canadaは世界で最も時価総額が大きい銀行トップ10

・ 1901年創立、100年以上の歴史を持つ資産運用会社

・ 運用残高ベースでカナダNo.1の資産運用会社

・ 25年以上の金融経験を持つアドバイザー率いる日本語グループ


Five Reasons Why Customers Choose RBC

・One of the top 10 safest financial institutions in the world

・One of the top 10 largest financial institutions by net assets in the world 

・More than 100 years of history, serving investors since 1901

・Canada's largest full-service investment and wealth management firm by AUM

・Japanese advisory group led by IA with over 25 years of financial industry experience



お問い合わせフォーム / Contact Us

電話:604-257-7291  /  Eメール:shoko.sanchez@rbc.com

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