Below are some responses from our clients when asked: "Please describe what you value most about working with Chris and his team for your wealth management needs."

"When my wife Sylvia and I were getting close to retirement, we were very concerned about what would happen when we would start withdrawing from our RRSP's for our retirement needs. Fortunately, someone introduced us to Chris Durward and his associate Janice Ng. Chris had much more to offer than an annuity or a fixed income fund. He has created a diverse portfolio for us that has shown wonderful returns, future growth, and is built to deal with the challenges a changing economy may yield. He has worked with us on a realistic budget and provided us with a monthly income stream. Chris and Janice are always personable, helpful, and genuinely concerned about our well being. Calls are always answered or returned promptly. They want us to be as engaged as they are. We are so grateful that we found Chris and Janice for this critical phase in our financial lives."

Steve and Sylvia McDonald

"Greetings Chris and Janice - Wanted to take a few moments to provide you with some client feedback from Rik and I. How to begin…Rik and I are delighted to be working with you both to manage our financial future. You are consummate professionals in every way - helpful, responsive, professional and fun to work with.

Chris: As you will remember, we ‘interviewed’ a number of investment professionals as part of our search to find the right fit. It was clear during our initial meeting that you were the best option. Your demeanor, excellent communication skills, sense of humour and very obvious deep knowledge of investing, were a few of the things that won us over. We felt an immediate confidence in you, trust, and a sense that you were a man of your word - a man of integrity. Throughout our time with you, you have proven these initial feelings to be right. Every exchange, be it a meeting, phone conversation or e-mail, is thoughtful and helpful and focused on our needs. The many resources you have at your disposal have proven to be of great value to us as we map out our retirement state. Elvis was simply awesome in preparing a retirement/estate plan for us and a joy to meet and work with to fine tune the initial draft. Connie did a good job of pointing out will and estate planning ‘musts’ that are now being translated into Wills for us. We have shared our experience with colleagues who are in similar phases of life as we are, and we will continue to be a big fan and advocate for you, and for our overall RBC experience. Thank you muchly, for all of your support.

Janice: You are such a joy to work with. Always accommodating, pro-active and efficient and, always with a smile in your voice. Thank you for your support and delightful communications and conversations. Net/net - you guys ROCK! Best regards"

Kate & Rik

"We were impressed with Chris and Janice's professionalism. They were both personal with us and never made us feel rushed in discussing our financial affairs. Any questions we had, Chris and Janice got back to us by phone and email immediately. Never had to wait!" "Please let it be noted that Chris took on the task of helping us liquidate stocks that were part of our relative's estate. The process was complicated by the fact that we, as estate executors, reside in the US and the estate was in Ontario. Using his expertise, Chris was able to resolve this complicated part of the estate settlement for us. Both he and Janice made this whole process very easy for us."

Stephen R. Somers & Kathryn A. Pherson

"Very good feedback and excellent service from both! Much appreciated. I look forward to many more PROFITABLE years!"

Dorothy Hepburn, Toronto. Retired.

"During the years that Chris has handled my portfolio, I have come to respect and appreciate his guidance and well-honed skills which have steered me well, especially during difficult market conditions."

H. V. Toronto, Retired.

"We appreciate Chris's professionalism, honesty, integrity as well is the fact that he is readily available for conversation. Chris has always kept in close contact with us to keep us informed and up to date. We feel he has our best interests in mind and we trust his judgment."

DK - Accountant, JA Veterinarian.

"Chris Durward has been our advisor for several years. Chris's recommendations have helped us to build portfolios that meet our needs, with a good balance of cash, bonds and stocks to weather these uncertain times." In the Oct 15th 2011 Globe and Mail, Rob Carrick identifies six essential attributes of a good financial adviser.

Keeping in touch. Chris is always available to discuss changes to a portfolio. He is never too busy to make time.

Ability to guide investments. We have confidence in Chris's judgment and advice. One of Chris' sage pieces of advice was not to buy a stock that was being widely recommended by analysts. This company was later found to be providing unreliable reports. Well informed about the market and economic events. Chris's weekly "Recommended Readings" reflects the depth and analysis of his own reading and research.

Offers a professional and mutually respectful relationship. Chris listens attentively to his clients and acts on their needs.

Concerns are always registered and advice and action taken. Qualified and experienced. Chris's professional profile certainly meets this criterion. He has extensive knowledge of the market and considers it from the perspective of lengthy and deep analysis

Access to the depth of services needed for now and in the future. This describes the support that RBC Dominion Securities makes available not only to Chris, but online to its clients. "

Anne and Warren, Orangeville, ON

"Chris is knowledgeable, clear, succinct, and very service-oriented. He provides reasonable investment alternatives and patiently listens and responds well to my questions. He hires very competent Associates. I believe he provides high integrity and good value." -

Chris Bonnett, Guelph, ON

"Chris has been my Portfolio Manager for over 10 years. He is sincere, forthright and patient when answering questions and explaining investment strategies... and never too busy to return a phone call or respond to an email. Chris has always been able to find the appropriate balance between risk and return in my portfolio. I can recommend Chris without reservation."

Russell Welsh, Toronto, ON

"I have known Chris for seven years, previously as a colleague and now as the Portfolio Manager for my immediate family; as well as parents, siblings, and extended family. This is a role that I previously did for my family. So, it was important for me to find the right person to give me financial peace of mind. Chris works hard to tailor portfolios to client's individual needs. He is equally comfortable managing fixed income retirement portfolios, as he is with family members who use complex option and hedging strategies.

This is the first time that I have given a reference to a colleague. I find that Chris is diligent, skilled and thorough. Perhaps more importantly than this written reference is the fact that I trust Chris for my personal money after over ten years as an Investment Advisor myself."

Richard Gorab, Toronto, ON

"Chris is very knowledgeable, personable and professional advisor. He is easy to deal with and provides great service."

Richard Zakaib, Richmond Hill, ON