What do we do?

Chris helps clients find solutions for life’s financial challenges by providing his expertise in two main areas:

1. Investment Management

Chris custom-tailors an investment portfolio of stocks, preferred shares, bonds and GICs that is right for you. Disciplined portfolio management is the hallmark of what we do. It is our core competency, and our favourite thing to do every day.

2. Wealth management

Your investment portfolio is just one key part of your overall wealth. Chris also helps you address your tax, educational, insurance, retirement and estate planning needs, coordinating with your existing tax and legal advisors as needed. Understanding that wealth is often a family concern, Chris looks one generation back and one generation forward.

To learn more about our disciplined portfolio strategy, request a complimentary portfolio review today.

Contact us to discover how a coordinated approach can help you build and protect wealth from one generation to the next.


To help protect your wealth, we provide life and disability insurance.

If you are over-insured we will tell you.

If you are under-insured we will source quotes from eight leading insurance companies to provide the lowest-cost solution.

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If you are a CFO or Treasurer, ask us how we can offer you higher yields on your short-term cash, while offering the security of RBC.