Our approach


Your financial needs are unique, so your wealth management solutions should also be tailored to suit your requirements. Our portfolios are not pre-programmed templates and our work together is not simply a transaction. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients through collaboration and always listening to understand your needs and objectives. You are directly involved in the decision-making process for your personal investment strategy so that our investment advisors can help you to achieve consistently high returns and realise your investment goals.


Step 1


Meet our team

We outline our wealth management process and the services we provide.

Step 2


Tell us your story

It is important we understand your circumstances and wealth objectives.

Step 3



We review and analyze the information gathered.

Step 4



Working with our team of specialists, we develop effective strategies and solutions tailored to your wealth objectives.

Step 5



Follow-up and feedback is essential to ensure your wealth plan stays current and relevant.


As our client, you’ll work in conjunction with our dedicated investment advisors to design, construct and monitor an entire portfolio of appropriate investments. You will have access to a wide variety of wealth management solutions including:

  • Global equities
  • Global fixed income
  • Emerging markets fixed income
  • Money market/cash management services
  • Hedge funds/alternative Investments
  • Derivatives (options and futures)
  • Foreign exchange trading
  • International mutual funds
  • Multi-currency trading capabilities
  • Access to some of the world’s best money managers
  • Customised structured products
  • Margin accounts
  • Access to loans and various forms of credit through our international private banking partners
  • Fee-based, wrap and traditional transaction-based accounts
  • Online account access

This information is not investment advice and should be used only in conjunction with a discussion with your RBC Dominion Securities Inc. Investment Advisor. This will ensure that your own circumstances have been considered properly and that any action is taken based upon the latest available information.

The strategies and advice provided for general guidance.  Readers should consult their own Investment Advisor when planning to implement a strategy. Interest rates, market conditions, special offers, tax rulings, and other investment factors are subject to change.