Sports professionals these days, have many more challenges than their predecessors did, besides just their salary.  There will be the temptation of high-risk investments, family and friends giving advice, and the looming presence that the next hit might end your professional career.  You will have needs and opportunities that regular investing public will not, you are a high performance athlete, and you will require a high level financial plan.  Having a sound financial plan in place can help reduce these risks, and prepare your finances for a long career off the ice.  We help you manage your day-to-day expenses, short term and long term financial goals, a NHLPA(or equivalent) pension, real estate holdings, and most importantly risk management(insurance, disability, etc..).  All the while building you a sound investment portfolio to reduce taxation, while providing you with an income later on that will last your lifetime, and transfer your long term wealth to your family.  Cameron Wilson and his team at RBC Dominion Securities can help you design and implement such strategies.

Here are some quick stats on the NHL:

Average Player Age

27 years

Average Rookie Age

22 years

Average Retirement Age

28 years

Average # of Seasons

5 seasons

Average Length of Career

239 games

50% of players play less than:

87 games


How I can help players is by navigating them through the following challenges:

  • The signing bonus

  • You might have to fund 50+ years of retirement

  • Proper cross border tax planning( Canada , USA , other countries)

  • Managing cash-flow and spending, 2-way contracts, 7-10 months of pay per year

  • Cross border property, and foreign exchange issues

  • Family and friend solicitations for funds, having a game plan

  • Protecting your assets from law suits

  • Protecting your family's future through insurance and estate planning

Having a professional full-service advisor at your fingertips 24/7 can be key to your long term success.  Please contact me today should you want to arrange a consultation.

Cameron Wilson, Investment Advisor

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