1. Are you accepting new mandates? 

A: Yes, when it is determined that we can add value.

2. Do you accept referrals?

A: Yes. A significant number of new mandates come from existing client referrals. Normally the referring party requests that we make the initial introduction.

3. Do you host speaking engagements?

A: Yes. Various topics.

4. Do you travel?

A: Yes, when required.

5. Are you predisposed to a certain company’s investments?

A: No. All investment advice is custom and unique to the individual. There is no bias toward a particular type of security, asset class or provider.

6. I’m a sophisticated investor and would like advice on hedge funds, structured products, real-estate etc. Do you provide advice on these asset classes?

A: Yes. An area where we can add significant value is alternative asset analysis.     

7. Will you manage my entire family’s wealth, even if my children are new investors?

A: Yes, however this is evaluated on a case by case basis.

8. What does your average client look like?

A: There is no typical client. Both parties evaluate potential mandates individually and independently to determine if fit exists. The families and corporations that hire us value professional advice, and require a long term partner to help build and manage wealth.   

9. Do you have a minimum account size?

A: Yes. Minimum investment values are enforced but also depend on the unique characteristics of the investor. In the end, the decision to accept a new mandate rests on the degree to which we can add value. We are happy to recommend a talented advisor for investors who may not meet our minimum requirements.

10. I currently use an advisor. What can I gain from meeting you? 

A: Clarity, accountability, dedication and trust. As a practice that caters to established professionals, we bring a unique set of qualifications to the table that are extremely difficult to find in the wealth management community. Many advisors focus on the end product, but few have the depth of experience. This experience helps us better understand what you're trying to achieve so that we can provide thought provoking, unique ideas to improve your financial health. This speaks to our vision, which is to dedicate ourselves to helping you reach your financial goals through a life long partnership. 

11.  How are you paid? 

Clients decide how they would like to pay for professional service. Some choices are tax deductible and some are not. A negotiated flat rate is the most common. Ask us for our fee brochure which outlines the various ways to compensate your advisory team.