Bruce Kent, left, with Warren Buffett, and Bruce’s wife Joëlle Kent

RBC’s Top Portfolio Management Group in Canada

Long-term independent thinking, commitment to timeless principles and consistently excellent results have made the Bruce Kent Group the preferred choice of wealthy Montreal families

By Michael Carin

In the fiercely competitive profession of private client investment counsel, there is no more coveted recognition than RBC’s Tony Fell Award, recognizing the top ranked portfolio manager at RBC Dominion Securities across Canada.

Excellence in portfolio management and an outstanding team are why Bruce Kent of Montreal has been honoured with the Tony Fell Award for eleven of the past twelve years.

The team is led by Partners Bruce Kent, Jean- François Dion, Nathalie Roussin and Sholom Tabak, each of whom brings a wealth of expertise in the financial services industry. Jean-François Dion was formerly Head of Equity Portfolio Management at RBC Dominion Securities in Toronto. Nathalie Roussin has been leading the Client Relationship Management and Service Team at the Bruce Kent Group as a senior Wealth Advisor since 2006. Sholom Tabak is responsible for team leadership and management as well as the day-to-day operations of the Group.

Bob Walsh, Founder of Forensic Technology, describes the Group this way: “They represent the gold standard in the wealth management industry. True professionals known for their leadership, integrity, and doing first-class business in a first-class way. When I first met Bruce over 15 years ago, he told me, ‘I never buy anything I don’t understand.’ Bruce is the Warren Buffett of the North and the Group will drive that legacy for decades to come.”

To explain the Group’s investment success, Kent points to the basic principles that motivate the Partners and the team.

“We are in the business of generating excellent long term results for our clients,” he says. “That means earning outstanding returns while protecting assets and reducing risk. We avoid investment fads and market enthusiasms. We never speculate in search of outsized returns. We treat our clients’ money as we would our own, with caution – and an equally focused determination to make it grow.”

Established in 1984, the Bruce Kent Group has earned an impeccable reputation based on excellence and integrity.

To provide exceptional attention to clients, he explains: “We focus exclusively on successful entrepreneurs and wealthy families. Our comprehensive wealth management services cover their private corporations, trusts, estates and foundations, including financial and estate planning.”

The process, according to Nathalie Roussin, begins with an in-depth discussion of a client’s specific situation and details of their goals. “A connection based on personal trust is fundamental,” she says. “Only with a deep understanding of a client’s objectives can we create a portfolio that will provide peace of mind.”

The professionals in the Group are experts in specific fields and chosen for their unique abilities. The team includes senior securities analysts and portfolio managers dedicated exclusively to research and implementation. The Group’s decisions are based on their proprietary in-depth analysis of the businesses in which they invest; all securities are analyzed according to rigorous filters and a proven investment philosophy.

“Our equity analysts study every company according to a strict value approach,” says Kent. “To calculate intrinsic value and size up a company’s potential requires substantial business judgment – and we have the discipline and temperament to act on our knowledge in a rational way.”

This independent approach helps ensure consistency, accountability and integrity. “It avoids conflicts of interest, and insulates the Group from the ‘noise’ and volatile emotions of the market. Over the years, as our track record shows, our in-house research, timeless investment philosophy and carefully executed decision-making have yielded outstanding results. This gives us a significant edge.”