Taking care of you now and for the future


When it comes to their long-term wealth, our clients have one question: Am I going to be okay? They may be thinking of having sufficient funds for their retirement or putting their kids through school without taking a lifestyle hit. Whatever the situation, our answer is always the same: We will make sure of it. To do so, we follow a thorough and disciplined process.


1. Establish risk profile

We start by asking key questions to determine your personal appetite for and comfort with risk, which serves as the backbone of our recommendations.

2. Make financial projections

We use a proprietary tool to show you what your finances look like today and where they can net out tomorrow, taking into account all possible circumstances and scenarios.

3. Create investment portfolio

We build your individualized portfolio based on your unique risk profile and personal goals following our proven “core and explore” model.

4. Consider wealth planning requirements

We draw upon the vast resources of our RBC network of experts to serve every aspect of your finances, ranging from legacy planning to wealth protection.

5. Monitor and maintain

We continually review your portfolio and broader finances to identify and solve problems, as well as search for and capitalize on opportunities.