Living life during COVID- Best practices from the Boothman team

Feb 11, 2021 | Brendon Boothman


It’s hard to believe we’re now quickly approaching the 1 year mark from the start of the pandemic.  From March of 2020 when governments issued shutdowns, travelers were told to go home, and families forced to juggle their jobs with parenting & teaching children, a lot has changed in our lives.  We wanted to take this opportunity to share with you what we’ve learned and are doing differently than we would’ve pre-COVID era. 

Brendon – my family has tried several new things this past year starting with celebrating Cinco de Mayo last May.  After moving to the outskirts of town in July we’ve spent a lot of time outdoors.  We had a treasure hunt on Halloween and built a hockey rink this winter. 

Molly – our newest tradition is virtual family movie night on Fridays.  Between 3 separate households we take turns picking the movie and arranging doorstep take-out delivery for supper. Lots of time spent outside- ice fishing, snow shoeing & tobogganing.

Laura – this year has reminded me that the simple things in life are some of the greatest. We have spent plenty of family time in the great outdoors whether that be venturing north to cut wood in winter, building a lean-to and roasting hotdogs over a fire; bike trips on new trails through the parks; picking wild berries & hazelnuts; new camping adventures & the time to start an indoor greenhouse, tending to a garden and making preserves for the first time ever. I’ve loved sharing with my kids experiences from my own childhood!

Lauralee – Guess who learned how to play the guitar? Me J. Having been on my bucket list for my entire life, I thank you Covid year, for the chance to finally make the dream a reality. Not quite ready to take the show on the road yet, haha, but I’m loving it!  I’ve also spent a lot of time outdoors, walking & cycling, whether on the roads, streets or nature trails. One last gift, from having the chance to work from home, I’ve become an avid backyard bird enthusiast! I’ve been able to watch the baby robins from egg to first flight since the momma & daddy built their nest right in the light outside my patio door. They feel like family J!

From our clients – we’ve heard several great stories about Zoom parties which included games like Bingo & Charades.  Funny stories like parking lot gift exchanges.


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