Trying New Things

May 14, 2020 | Brendon Boothman


Our team has been working from home since the end of March, like everyone we feel trapped in our homes with nowhere to go.  Prior to isolation our kids were to and from school during the week and typically had activities 2-3 evenings.  Our weekends would be filled with other sporting activities or we would gather with family & friends.  Looking back I don’t know how we had the time to manage our schedules….but somehow it worked. 

Now our days are very repetitive; balancing some school work with exercise or outdoor activities.  We play a lot of games, puzzles and other silly things like camp in the basement.  All of this great but repetitive so we needed to change it up and have something to look forward to so our Cinco de Mayo celebration was born. 

At first my wife, Trissa, said ‘but Cinco de Mayo is on a Tuesday’ in which I replied ‘ya so, what else do we have to do…’ and the planning started.

Menu:             Breakfast – Heuvos Rancheros

                        Lunch – Taco Salad

                        Supper – Canitos, Tostadas, Mexican corn, Guacamole & tacos

                        Desert – Churros, Fried ice cream, Mexican bunuelos

Activities:        Latino music



This day was unlike any day we’ve ever had and without these times of isolation I’m not sure it would’ve happened.  Our next day in the works will be a Hawaiian Day.  I hope you have been able to take this time to try new things, like learning a musical instrument or new language.  We look forward to hearing your stories


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