Ups & Downs

Feb 11, 2020 | Brendon Boothman


Like the markets, life is full of ups and downs and recently our family experienced both ends of the spectrum.  Sadly, we watched our 10 year old golden retriever, Duke, take a turn for the worse with a rapid decline in health.  As we watched him over this 10 week period we realized it was his time to leave us in late January.  We brought Duke into our home when he was 2 years old, prior to having children ourselves.  Now even though we have 3 kids in the house it feels somewhat empty without him. 

Fast forward a couple of weeks, I was able to take my oldest son, Ryker, to his first NHL game to watch the Edmonton Oilers.  I’ve enjoyed several Oiler games over the years but none more satisfying than watching my 5 year old jacked up from the music and emotion of the crowd (and candy!).  The Oilers happened to over-come a 2-0 deficit with a 3-2 victory so it was an exciting game to attend.


I was told an ideological way of raising a family a couple years ago which I’ve tried to follow ever since.  Fill your life with small pleasures, things to look forward to every 3-4 months.  The moment itself passes quickly, like a hockey game, but the weeks building up to it are exciting and the photographs and memories afterwards are priceless.  These little moments, trips, holidays don’t have to be expensive or impractical but they will help to fill life with more ups!

Best Regards,

Brendon Boothman


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