Make your Impact

Jul 08, 2019 | Brendon Boothman


Create a positive change in the world; establish a more meaningful, strategic and tax-effective approach to your charitable giving; involve your loved ones in your plan and share the joy of giving together. 


We’ve had the pleasure to participate in a number of events, volunteering and giving financially, to support several organizations in the Battlefords & area.  How we’ve decided to make an impact recently:


The Battlefords Humane Society - Gala Fundraiser took place in April, we volunteered to help them prepare for their big evening.

Battlefords Boys and Girls Club - Race for Kids event took place on June 1st so we volunteered for the day helping them host the 7 teams which competed and raised funds. 

Battlefords United Way - held their 20th annual golf fundraiser on June 21st.  We volunteered for the day helping sell tickets.    

Argo Wildfire Benefit Concert - a benefit concert July 6th featured Saskatchewan recording artist Chris Henderson. We were a major sponsor for the event to help the livestock community in the Biggar area for those impacted by the wildfires.


A study in 2016 reports that 91% of high net worth households in the U.S. gave to charity in 2015.  Our team can work with you to plan your impact and give thoughtfully over time.