Meet Our Seasoned Professionals

We are a group of seasoned wealth management professionals, in business since 1995. Operating within RBC Dominion Securities Inc., we offer our clients three advantages:

  • An investment and wealth building experience based on direct contact with an accessible, empathetic, and motivated team.
  • Access to the wide and powerful range of specialized expertise available through Canada’s leading wealth manager.
  • A robust system of wealth management based on shared objectives, aligned interests and mutual trust—The Pinnacle Wealth Program.

While we generally advise high net worth clients, investable asset size is just one of the issues we consider before entering into a new relationship.

A conversation will determine if we can build a durable new client partnership offering long–term wealth building opportunity and the potential for significant asset growth.


Blair Smears

Blair Smears, CFP®, CIM®

Senior Wealth Advisor and Portfolio Manager


Diane Crago

Senior Associate


Extended Team


Steve Mogdan, CPA, CA, CFP

Financial Planning Specialist, RBC Family Office Services


Alleen Sakarian

Will & Estate Consultant, RBC Family Office Services


Tracey Goldie, CLU

Vice President & Estate Planning Specialist, RBC Wealth Management Financial Services Inc.

 In 1998 I was a professional ski guide in Les Trois Vallées in the French Alps, a mountain area five times the size of Whistler | Blackcomb. I experienced a very challenging yet rewarding experience that helped shape how I approach life with all it’s risks and rewards. While skiing solo high above the tree line on what seemed a perfect sunny afternoon on my day off, I was suddenly and unexpectedly caught in an extreme winter storm, complete with a total whiteout. While even the most seasoned skier can find such conditions extremely alarming, after getting my bearings I began a cautious and painstaking descent. As I descended, I encountered a succession of stranded ski parties-disoriented by the conditions and fearful of the terrain-who I managed to reassure and slowly lead out of trouble. While our situation remained precarious for some time, I knew exactly what to do: remain calm, consider our options thoughtfully, act with exceptional caution, and stay united as a group. The fact that I managed to guide what ended up being about two-dozen people back to safety was a pivotal, life-changing moment in my life. I learned a lot of lessons that day. Lessons that I apply in my life and my work as a wealth advisor. 

Blair Smears, Wealth Advisor & Portfolio Manager