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 In 1998 I was a professional ski guide in Les Trois Vallées in the French Alps, a mountain area five times the size of Whistler | Blackcomb. I experienced a very challenging yet rewarding experience that helped shape how I approach life with all it’s risks and rewards. While skiing solo high above the tree line on what seemed a perfect sunny afternoon on my day off, I was suddenly and unexpectedly caught in an extreme winter storm, complete with a total whiteout. While even the most seasoned skier can find such conditions extremely alarming, after getting my bearings I began a cautious and painstaking descent. As I descended, I encountered a succession of stranded ski parties-disoriented by the conditions and fearful of the terrain-who I managed to reassure and slowly lead out of trouble. While our situation remained precarious for some time, I knew exactly what to do: remain calm, consider our options thoughtfully, act with exceptional caution, and stay united as a group. The fact that I managed to guide what ended up being about two-dozen people back to safety was a pivotal, life-changing moment in my life. I learned a lot of lessons that day. Lessons that I apply in my life and my work as a wealth advisor. 

Blair Smears, Wealth Advisor & Portfolio Manager

Blair Smears

Blair Smears, CFP®, CIM®

Senior Wealth Advisor and Portfolio Manager