Upcoming Financial Literacy Educational Presentations


Our team invests in the future of our clients and their families through our commitment to the delivery of ongoing financial education events.  

We offer complimentary group presentations on a monthly basis as well as well as one on one presentations, on a range of timely topics including but not limited to, customized retirement income planning, financial planning, investing, financial literacy for young adults and family wealth transfer.


  • Learn How To Reduce Taxes On RRIF Income 
  • Maximize Retirement Income
  • Until Death Do Us Part - Then Everything Can Change 
  • Learn How To Get The Most Out Of Our CPP & OAS
  • First time home buying strategies for the “Bank of Mom and Dad” 
  • Learn how to keep the cottage in the family for future generations
  • Investing 101 
  • Will my children follow in my footsteps? 
  • Prepare Your Family For Their Inheritance
  • Healthcare after Retirement - Free healthcare has limits - learn how to protect yourself
  • Learn How To Minimize Tax


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