Financial Planning Tools & Calculators

Below are some helpful tools and calculators which will assist you in assessing your current financial situation and planning for the future

RIF Minimum Calculator
Approximate your minimum annual RIF, LIF or LRIF payments at various ages through retirement

Personal Savings Calculator
Find out how easy it is to build your assets with a regular commitment to saving

Net Worth Calculator
Get a "financial snapshot" of what you own (assets) and what you owe (liabilities)

Annual Retirement Income Worksheet
Calculate the combined after-tax retirement income for you and your spouse in this convenient statement

Annual Retirement Expense Worksheet
Estimate your retirement expenses while taking inflation into account


Family Snapshot

Get a better understanding of your current financial situation, and a clearer vision of what you want your wealth to accomplish.

Family Snapshot Questionnaire
By completing and returning the Family Snapshot questionnaire we will evaluate your current financial strategy and dins out if you are on track to meeting your long term financial needs


Financial Planning References

Publications to help you keep on top of current financial planning rates, contribution maximums, taxation, government links and much more.

2012 Handy Financial Planning facts
A reference guide to answer some commonly asked financial planning questions