“Bill Holmes and his team including Blaire and Kithmini consistently provide me with excellent advisory service. Most of my friends are surprised at the number of contacts I have with my financial advisor on an annual basis. Bill is always available to talk and set up scheduled bi-annual meetings without question. Our meetings are never rushed and his team takes a very proactive approach to my family’s financial needs by informing us of new programs and other value-added services. I highly recommend Bill and his team. I truly believe they care about each and every one of their clients.”

Mark S, Entrepreneur & Business Owner

“I’ve enjoyed working with Bill Holmes for many years now.  He is truly interested in and willing to provide insight on the many facets of our finances:  retirement planning, child education, trust funds, tax planning.  Bill has a great support team that will go the extra mile to ensure our needs are met.” 

Brian H., Executive Level Medical Professional

“Sixteen years ago, I knew we had to make a change from our present financial advisor as we felt that if anything happened to me my wife would have a difficult time dealing with this individual.

Bill’s knowledge and support has been first class – When Bill Holmes first came on the scene he visited the house and asked both of us our thoughts and ambitions re: our retirement and came up with a plan that has been followed through ‘thick and thin’.

He has relieved us of the stress of making all financial decisions on our own.”

Dave W., Retiree

“As a retiree I thought I would have a lot of time to make decisions on my investments but soon decided that it took up so much time and some of my decisions would keep me awake at night and be on my mind a lot during the day. I have been working with Bill Holmes over the years and he came up with a “Balanced Investment Plan” that looked good to me and relieved me of making decisions that I was not comfortable with. I have been with our “Plan” for several years, stuck with our plan, and am very grateful to Bill for providing me with a comfortable feelings and providing me with a better stream of income that I could have accomplished. I also consider him and his associates as friends.”

Jim B., Retiree

“I met Bill Approximately 15 years ago, when my husband Leonard invited him to look at my portfolio. Leonard, who loved the market and investing himself, was very impressed with Bill and so Bill started to look after my portfolio with Leonard looking over his shoulder. In 2001, Leonard became too sick to look after any finances and Bill took over both our affairs.

Leonard died in 2001, and so Bill and I began our journey together. I knew nothing about the financial market, and I was scared that I did not have enough money and would end up on the streets. Bill was very patient and reassuring and we worked out a plan. The plan included my purchasing a house. The first few years, my major concern was not having enough money. And patient Bill would go over my resources time after time, until I finally became comfortable.

The falling markets of the past few years have of course been a disturbance to me, but again Bill has put me in a position where I know I will be secure.

I have learned a lot about finances these last years, and with Bill’s continued support, I feel very comfortable. Bill is a wonderful listener, and takes the time to know his clients. He will always answer my smallest concern.

I thank you Bill for all your help.”

Margaret W.,  Homemaker