I work closely with clients to provide investment advice and solutions. Whether you are investing for a business, organization, or personal account, I would be happy to design a custom portfolio that caters to your individual needs. Financial planning can benefit a wide array of individuals in all stages in life. Wealth Management services provided include:

  • Personal investment advice
  • Insurance solutions
  • Saving for Education
  • Retirement Planning and income maximization
  • Will and Estate Planning
  • Wealth Protection
  • Charitable Giving

Examples of clientele would include;

  • Successful business owners or self-employed professionals who want to better manage their personal and professional assets
  • Individuals who want to approach the transition to retirement with optimized savings
  • Retirees who want to protect their financial security and after-tax income
  • Established families wanting to transfer wealth to the next generation 
  • Non-profit organizations that need to invest according to specific guidelines


With over 20 years in the finance industry, I have an experienced understanding of the Canadian and global markets and can work with you to ensure that your portfolio is meeting your specific investment goals. You will have access to a large array of investment opportunities including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, insurance, and options. I would be pleased to speak with you personally about each of these and how they fit into your financial objectives. Feel free to contact me today to set up an appointment.