Achieve financial freedom with professional wealth management

It all begins with You
We believe your future investment success depends on having a clear idea of what you are trying to accomplish, coupled with a realistic understanding of what you are like as an investor. We focus on helping you formulate a long-term wealth management strategy appropriate for your situation.
Personalized Service
As your dedicated Investment Advisor, Anthony will devote time and energy to fully understand your financial situation, life goals and tolerance for risk when creating a wealth management strategy that is right for you.
A Plan is Essential for Success
Success rarely happens by chance. Together, we will define your investment objectives. As your Investment Advisor, Anthony will help you devise a strategy to achieve your objectives over a realistic time frame
This is a Long Term Partnership
There is no simple, one-time solution. Your situation changes, financial markets change and the factors that determine investment success can also change. Your wealth management strategy needs the flexibility to anticipate and respond to these changes. Anthony is committed to working with you through each stage of your life to help you meet your objectives.

Grow more than wealth

With a collaborative, values-based approach and a track record of responsibly building wealth with integrity, you can expect RBC Wealth Management to help you realize your life vision.

Anthony Galluzzo, CFP®, FMA

Senior Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor



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