Your Family. Your Business. Your Legacy. Your Success.

How do you define success?

Each of us defines success in our own distinct way. It's what drives us. It's the motivation behind the hard work that we put into each and every day. It's the reason for those early mornings and late evenings at the office. It's the sacrifices we make for family and friends. All in an effort to reach a point we define as success - and then some.

This goal can be as pragmatic as a saving for a down payment on your dream home or taking that vacation you've always longed for in the Mediterranean.  It's providing your children with a limitless education.  It's building a thriving business that you're passionate about.  It's being able to retire early and learn a new sport or language.  It's taking proper care of your aging parents.  It's buying that family cottage in Muskoka.  Or maybe it's leaving a lasting legacy to an organization or charity that influenced your life.

However you define success, my goal is to get you there.

Coming from a diverse RBC background, I have carefully assembled a team of subject-matter experts and professionals who work collaboratively to deliver the key solutions you need. My team consists of highly accredited accountants, lawyers, financial planning consultants, business owner specialists, insurance specialists, private bankers, and personal and business banking partners – each with their own distinct set of skills and experience. Together, we work in a coordinated fashion to achieve one common objective: to help you achieve success, however you define it.

Who I work with...

My clients often have unique and intricate financial situations which require sophisticated guidance and opportunity spotting. They include:

  • Busy professionals, executives, business owners &  entrepreneurs who recognize the value of advice and delegating the management of their financial affairs to a trusted professional
  • Retirees who need assistance formulating and following a disciplined financial plan to make the most out of their retirement savings, maximize their after tax retirement income and protect their financial security
  • Well-established families seeking professional guidance transferring wealth to the next generation in a tax-efficient manner to make sure their beneficiaries actually receive what was intended for them
  • Expats who temporarily or permanently reside in a country other than their native country.

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