Drawing on the depth of experience that members of our team have developed as financial, taxation and legal professionals, we are able to present strategies that are appropriate for your personal situation. Reaching your goals often requires an interaction of strategies that minimize taxation, provide sufficient retirement income, safeguard your wealth, and provide for the effective transition of assets between generations.


Financial Planning
  • Development of a comprehensive financial plan that includes projections to determine if you are on track to meet your goals such as retirement, estate and risk management

  • Help you take a financial planning approach related to every financial decision that impacts your life

  • Recommend strategies to help reduce your family’s tax burden

  • Discuss strategies to minimize tax through structures such as family trusts, holding companies and insurance

  • Provide specific corporate and personal tax planning strategies for business owners

  • Help you determine strategies and techniques to meet your retirement income goals

  • Provide you with strategies to maximize your after-tax retirement income

Holding Companies
  • Provide creative strategies to minimize tax during your lifetime and maximize your estate for your holding company assets

  • Provide robust, consolidated financial reporting to corporations owning significant investment portfolios and seeking professional administration

Business Succession Planning
  • Discuss strategies to effectively transition from your business in a tax-effective manner

  • Identify the missing elements of your succession plan and provide strategies and solutions to fill in the gaps

  • Assist in implementing an Individual Pension Plan for yourself or your key employees as part of your succession plan

  • Assist in providing you with an overall financial plan and contingency plan as part of your business succession plan

Estates and Trusts
  • Provide tax-efficient strategies to transfer your wealth to chosen beneficiaries

  • Review your current Will and provide Will and estate planning recommendations consistent with your objectives

  • Help you determine which trust solutions may be appropriate for you based on your family situation and your objectives

  • Assist you in analyzing the need for insurance to provide for your loved ones due to disability or death

  • Deliver creative insurance strategies to minimize tax, maximize your estate, increase retirement income or create a legacy

Charitable Giving
  • Help you determine which charitable giving strategies are most suitable for you based on your objectives

  • Assist you and your family to implement a charitable foundation to minimize tax and leave a lasting legacy