Welcome to The Stashuk Group

We simplify your life and provide peace of mind through our holistic approach to managing your wealth. 

Managing your wealth with confidence requires a relationship built on trust, expertise and a thorough understanding of your needs. Our discretionary Portfolio Investment Management program is suited for high net worth individuals or organizations that are seeking a disciplined and well balanced approach to investing, with an emphasis on the preservation of capital. The Stashuk Group offers services which extend beyond investment management, ranging from investing to insurance and tax planning strategies to build, protect, and maximize the transfer of your wealth.


Our team goes above and beyond to ensure you live your life with the peace of mind you deserve. We provide face-to-face portfolio meetings to thoroughly review your portfolio's performance and to answer any questions you may have. Having a busy day and don't want to commute downtown? We are happy to meet you at any location, including your home! Contact us today to arrange a complimentary consultation and our team of experienced wealth management professionals will be happy to discuss your unique needs.