Why Am I An Investment Advisor (and Financial Planner)?

December 17, 2019 | Marc Morais


Long before IPads and portable DVD players, my parents would often drive my younger siblings and me to Val-Comeau, New Brunswick to visit family. What did I do for entertainment on these 16 hour road trips? Math flash cards!

A few years later? Full blown math problems and logic/problem solving questions – as sick as it sounds, I could not get enough of them.

In my minor hockey years, before google maps, and GPS, I would navigate with road map in hand as my parents hauled me to various arenas in southern Ontario – always fixated on finding the fastest route.

I share this with you as I believe it explains why I thrive in a career where I advise people on their finances. It combines my passion for numbers and problem solving with my obsession for finding the most efficient and effective path to getting people where they want to be.

Now instead of flash cards, problem solving questions, and maps – I learn about people’s life goals and ambitions, analyze financial markets and investment options. We then connect the two to develop personalized wealth management strategies aimed at minimizing risk and maximizing after tax returns. Ultimately helping our clients build, grow and protect their wealth as efficiently as possible.

Simply put, I’m passionate about helping people get the most out of their money - after all, who wants to sit in traffic!