The Soul of Money

Apr 04, 2019 | Heather J. LeBar


Save The Date! May16th - Women & Wealth Event - Details Coming Shortly

In preparation for this event I’m reading the book “The Soul of Money” by Lynne Twist. The author is a fundraiser and activist and writes about our relationship with money - not the nuts and bolts of saving and investing, but how it connects with and influences every aspect of our lives; how we use money to express ourselves.

A theme I’d like to explore through conversation is The Mindset of Scarcity vs. Sufficiency. A section in the book that really struck me talks about how we wake up feeling like we didn’t get enough sleep, manage our careers and families feeling like we don’t have enough time, never feel like we have enough money…we set ourselves up for a mindset of scarcity every day and how that pervades everything we do and believe – and the results we get.

This book isn’t geared towards women specifically but as a woman so much of this resonated with me. I talk to women about money every day and appreciate the insights offered. I really like this book and highly recommend it. Have you read it and want to discuss? I’m always up for coffee and a book chat.

I also picked up Suze Orman’s book “Women and Money” after seeing that she’d been spurred to come out of retirement by the #MeToo movement. I always learned something from watching Suze on Oprah and she does speak directly to women about the nuts and bolts. Her advice is pretty timeless so I’m looking forward to her update.

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