Planning for your family, your business and your success

Defining success

Each and every one of us defines success differently, but for all of us it’s the motivation behind our hard work. We sacrifice time spent with friends and family in an effort to reach a point we, as individuals, define as success.

For some, success is gained by saving for a down payment on a dream home or indulging in a vacation you’ve longed for in the south of France - It can be gained by providing your children with unlimited educational opportunities or being able to retire earlier than you expected.

Whatever your definition of success, we are prepared to help you achieve it

With my diverse background in finance and accounting combined with a team of subject-matter experts and professionals, we make it our mission to work collaboratively and deliver the key solutions you need. My team includes highly accredited accountants, lawyers, financial planning consultants, business owner specialists, insurance specialists, private bankers, and personal and business banking partners – each with their own set of skills and experience to help your achieve your goals. Together, we work to help you achieve your definition of success and help you get there.

My Clients

Every client has a unique and intricate financial situation which requires sophisticated guidance and identifying missed opportunities. They consist of:

  • Business owners, Health Care Professionals, Executives & Entrepreneurs who are extremely busy want to delegate the management of their financial affairs to a trusted professional. We become their own personal Chief Financial Officer and manage all aspects of their wealth.

  • Families seeking professional guidance transferring wealth in a tax efficient manner to the next generation to ensure their beneficiaries receive what was intended for them.

  • Retirees who require assistance devising and following a disciplined financial plan to make the most out of their retirement savings while prioritizing their financial security.

Discover how my team can help clarify the big picture and get your investments working to achieving all your wealth management goals. Contact us to arrange an initial complimentary consultation.

Andrew Lee, CPA, CA

Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor