The Dunn Wealth Management Group provides clients with two valuable services.

Wealth Management and Portfolio Management.

Wealth Management is all about you. Your family, business, legacy, dreams and concerns. We become experts in you and function as a family CFO, designing the various strategies to maximize your wealth, free up your time, and minimize risks to the plan. We connect with your other experts to streamline our service, and by doing the heavy lifting we are able to simplify the sometimes complex task of managing and protecting multi-generational wealth. If you have ever wondered what other wealthy families do with their money we have the answer. We are familiar with the opportunities and challenges they face and have the expertise to provide the right strategies for success because they are our clients too.

Portfolio Management is all about controlling risk. Our expertise is in building a portfolio that reliably delivers the growth required to achieve your financial goals while minimizing the risk of loss. By continually assessing the risk and reward expectations of different assets, Andrew is able to combine them into a portfolio that he believes can deliver superior results when compared to a traditional “buy and hold” strategy. Andrew’s risk management process results in an actively managed and competitively priced portfolio customized for the client’s needs. If you would like to preserve and grow your wealth in real terms, while placing emphasis on minimizing major losses, then you may enjoy a discussion with Andrew about how his risk managed portfolio could be the right strategy for you.