Protecting What is Important To You

In our lives we spend much of our time fulfilling our responsibilities to others so that one day we can enjoy what is truly important to us.

Important things like:

  • Gaining peace of mind from financial security,
  • The freedom to pursue personal interests,
  • More time to spend with and help family, and
  • Making a meaningful difference in your community or to cherished causes.

Your wealth represents the dues you have paid so you can enjoy what is really important to you. As such, it requires the highest caliber of professional wealth management—expertise that extends beyond money management to help ensure you have enough money to retire, to prepare in case something unexpected happens, to minimize your taxes both when your alive and when you pass on your wealth, and even to help build a legacy that can carry on after you

As a Wealth and Investment Advisor with the exclusive Certified International Wealth Manager designation, Andrew Barkman is uniquely qualified to provide this style of wealth management. Through an integrated review of both your financial affairs and personal situation, Andrew can help you to clarify your goals, concerns, and opportunities. As you progress through life's stages, he will be there every step of the way, helping you make the right choices at the right times and providing access to the resources and expertise you need from Canada's leading financial institution, Royal Bank of Canada.