Doing Things Differently...

Our approach

Do Something Different... for the Team, is a unique way of thinking and living, both personally and professionally, is something that we practice every day. We have a very strong connection to people, and one of our greatest joys is being able to meet and form long-standing relationships with her clients.

While many investment advisors will start by asking how much you'll need for retirement, we start by asking what you want to do in retirement, how big of a role does providing for your family play, will you be travelling and taking any adventures or relaxing at your cottage enjoying the grandkids. Is charitable giving and philanthropy important to you? Questions and discussions like this help us understand family and business priorities, and align values with financial goals - a very different approach.

We have a strong penchant for giving and supporting those around us, through various acts of charity and mentoring. Our team leader (one of the top women advisors in Canada, a recipient of the Inspiring Women Award and founder of WOW the World) is proof that doing something different is an effective and positive way to achieve life success.

"I feel we have the best advisor in the country, and have never doubted Amanda's choices."
- Long term client