Doing wealth management & financial planning differently

Business clients

As the owner of a business, the decisions you make can have great effect on your organization, yourself and your family. Owning a business can monopolize your time, attention and resources, and it's you and your family who depend most on its success.

When you are faced with the big questions and need to focus your time most efficiently, the Knapp Wealth Management approach can make all the difference. We can ensure that your plans are forward looking and protect the fruits of your labour, that you achieve your business goals and can still be prosperous, tax-efficient and, ultimately, confident about the future.

The life cycle of your business is challenging and rewarding - and time consuming. By allowing a professional wealth manager to assist with the business planning, you can devote more time to the things that matter.

Institutional clients

Institutional services - for not-for-profit organizations, foundations and businesses, professional wealth management can include:
  • tax planning
  • insurance-based estate protection
  • estate planning
  • credit and lending services
  • saving for retirement or education
  • and so much more!
With an area of expertise in institutional consulting for corporations, foundations and not for profits, we provides a comprehensive and highly relevant solution for corporate clients. Our team member Mark came from an institutional trading floor and specializes in institutional clients. Institutional investors, such as municipalitiesm condominium corporation, faith groups, treasury departments, schools and hospitals have unique requirements that differentiate them from business or personal investors. The wealth management approach for an institutional client needs to take into account the longevity, investment preferences and risk tolerance of the organization - which can vary considerably - and which only a dedicated team of experts can truly understand.
Knapp Wealth Management offers institutional clients an all-encompassing strategic approach:
  • Wealth protection
  • Tax planning
  • Charitable foundation advice
  • Long-Term Financial Planning
The services Knapp Wealth Management offers there clients, both through the team and through the larger RBC Wealth Management network, are unparalleled in the industry. We provide comprehensive coverage of all aspects of wealth management, such as:
  • Comprehensive financial planning
  • Will and estate consulting
  • Business planning& business succession planning
  • Family wealth management
  • Access to the broadest and deepest research in Canada for  domestic and global markets
  • Access to a full suite of both proprietary and third-party investment products
  • Safekeeping of your securities portfolio
  • Multi-currency non-registered account functionality
  • Automatic contributions and withdrawals if needed
  • Access to automatic mutual fund purchase or redemption plans
  • Electronic funds transfer capability
  • Investment policy statement development and refinement
  • Registered estate processing, tax reporting and T3 returns
  • Corporate re-organization advice
 In addition to tactical execution, Knapp Wealth Management provide strategic guidance, such as:
  • Designing investment and wealth management strategy
  • Building customized portfolios designed to meet your investment goals
  • Establishing the need for tax, estate, charitable giving and insurance planning
  • Providing research, commentary and information on specific holdings, markets or economies
  • Integrating investment plans with other professional advisors (e.g. lawyer, accountant, etc.)

"You are number one for a reason. In my opinion, it's because you inspire trust. I know that you aren't the way you are because you learned 'Ten Tips on Client Management'. The cool part is, that is just who you are. Congratulations, even though I know you don't do it for that kind of recognition."
- Long term client


"Amanda's attention to understanding our risk tolerances and cashflow needs, and then reflecting those in her recommendations for our investment mix and fund managers, makes her service stand out."
- Long term client