Health Care Team

Lisa Nolan

Account Manager, Healthcare Professional

As the Healthcare industry is constantly evolving, I am committed to developing a plan that evolves along with your business. As your needs become more sophisticated, I will draw on my vast network of RBC partners and specialty divisions to match you with financial solutions and advice that is right for you. I am dedicated to putting my clients first, by earning your trust and helping you achieve your goals.

Edyta Deering

Senior Account Manager, Business and Personal/Healthcare

I provide Healthcare professionals with knowledgeable advice, and practical solutions to meet their credit, cash management, and investment needs both personally and for their corporation. I am able to meet with you in your home, at your place of work or anywhere that is convenient for you to help make your banking easier to meet your immediate and future financial goals. Every banking experience should be customized to your specific needs.

“Allan’s level of professionalism is very impressive. He takes the time to come to my office in person and discuss my portfolio on a regular basis. He is constantly monitoring the markets and advising me weekly via email to keep me fully informed. His commitment to his clients is truly impressive.”

 Dr. E, Mitchell, Ontario