Creating your investment portfolio

Leveraging  extensive experience building investment portfolios, we’ve distilled our process into four essential steps.

Creating a portfolio steps

1) Understand

To create a portfolio that reflects your wealth wants and needs, it’s important that we build a relationship as candid as it is collaborative so that we can better understand your unique set of circumstances, needs and preferences. We’ll sit down together and discuss:

  • Your investment goals
  • Your time horizon
  • Your comfort with risk
  • Your preference for growth, income and preservation


2) Create

Once we have a complete understanding of your objectives and preferences, we design your investment strategy. As experts in asset allocation, we’ll articulate this strategy in a framework that clearly outlines:

Investment objectives Income needs Tax efficiencies
Time horizons Liquidity requirements Asset mix guidelines
Investment selection criteria Review processes Additional considerations


3) Customize

We’ll implement your investment strategy through a custom-designed investment portfolio. From common shares, preferred shares, options, new issues, private markets and more, we continually source and research an unparalleled selection of global securities, so that you’ll have access to a full spectrum of investments to carry out your strategy.

The strength of our proprietary research is what sets us apart from other firms because we don’t repackage or re-brand other people’s ideas – we bring you our fresh thinking, independent and in-depth analysis, and calculated portfolio strategy.

Every investment decision is thoroughly vetted. It’s our fundamental belief that each and every investment idea has its pros and cons and that an open discussion between experts adds the objectivity and perspective necessary for smart, risk-adjusted decision making.

To support our research and investment strategies, we engage several advisory groups as necessary, that have specific expertise in areas like:

Private markets

We have access to leading private equity fund opportunities, through our team of private markets experts.

Capital markets research

Our domestic research group covers approximately 400 companies across all major industry sectors and is supplemented by research from several leading U.S. investment firms, on U.S. and international companies.

Overall portfolio strategy

Our senior research analysts, economists and investment strategists help us identify opportunities through their insights and analysis on market and economic conditions.

4) Manage

Follow-up and feedback are essential to keeping your investment strategy current and giving you the confidence that you'll reach your goals comfortably.

After we’ve created and implemented your investment portfolio, your progress is monitored on a continuous basis. We’ll also review your portfolio and other wealth needs with you on a pre-determined basis, and adjust your strategy as necessary to keep your portfolio aligned with changing market conditions and your evolving needs.

Getting started

The creation, preservation, and transfer of wealth is a complex process that requires a meticulous attention to detail. My job is to bring my clients clarity and guidance every step of that long journey. 

- Ali Artani, CFP, CIM

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