Every member of our team is a relationship manager with an area of expertise, dedication to service, and a complementary background – macroeconomics, wealth management, estate & trust planning, investment strategy, personal and commercial banking and much more. These specialties allow us to deliver a complete “family office” service, and ensure that whoever answers your call will get you closer to what you need.

Alexander Mainella, CIM, CFP

Vice-President, Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor

905-764-3045 | alex.mainella@rbc.com

Alex has held various roles in both leadership and relationship management over 30 years at RBC in virtually every area of financial services – commercial banking, capital markets, private banking, private wealth management, etc. – building an extensive network at one of the world’s largest, most-respected financial institutions. Still, it was Alex’s first permanent position that left the most indelible mark.


Alex began his career at RBC as a full-time branch teller, a role that earned him real-world skills and helped pay the bills as he pursued his university degree in the evenings. After four formative years, Alex graduated and was quickly promoted to an Account Manager role, “I had the new office, name plate on the door, relationship responsibilities, and couldn’t wait to help my clients … then the recession hit.” Instead of helping clients save for retirement or finance a new home, they were dropping off car keys and unable to pay their mortgages or loans. “It was devastating to see so many people in precarious positions, and I never wanted to watch a client go through it again.” As difficult and stirring as this situation was for Alex, it allowed him to develop deep and enduring relationships at a time when his clients needed expertise, guidance, and care the most. “In the early ‘90s, I was fortunate to be in a position to help my clients rebuild their dreams, many who I’m proud to call clients today.”


It was through this 30-year journey that Alex’s professional philosophy was born: to deliver financial balance, peace, and harmony. “I wanted to build a team of empowered wealth management experts, who could relieve our clients of their stresses and provide the necessary tools and advice to help them enjoy their lives.”


Today, Alex and the rest of his team have become one of the leading Investment Advisor groups in Canada. He is a member of our prestigious Chairman’s Council, comprised of the top advisors at the firm, and, most recently, was named President of the President’s Club – the highest honour awarded to an advisor at RBC Dominion Securities. Alex is also a member of the Dominion Securities Advisory Board (DSAB), a select group of nominated advisors who play a valuable role in shaping firm policies, operations, future services, and represent over 1,800 of the leading advisors in Canada, all in pursuit of an incredible client experience.


Alex holds a business degree from his alma mater, York University. He has also earned the rigorous Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) designations, demonstrating his drive for industry excellence.

Shawn Mottahedeh, CFA, MA

Associate Wealth & Investment Advisor

905-764-3523 | shawn.mottahedeh@rbc.com | LinkedIn

In 2008, with a keen interest in politics and a conviction to become a lawyer, Shawn began a Bachelor of Political Science degree at York University. Like many young people, his education uncovered a totally new passion. “Around third-year, I started to notice that economics was really at the heart of all things political. And I absolutely loved it.” Shawn was accepted into a top law school after completing his bachelor’s degree, but knew it was no longer the path for him. Instead, he completed a Master of Global Affairs degree specializing in global markets at the University of Toronto.


Shawn went on to conduct economic and policy research for several leading institutions, including the International Monetary Fund (IMF), before starting his career as an Economist in the international department of Finance Canada in Ottawa. Along the way, Shawn earned the coveted Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation – the highest accreditation one can achieve in financial services – and, in 2015, joined Mainella Private Wealth to dedicate his expertise to our clients’ portfolios.


Today, Shawn is our lead investment manager, conducting detailed research and expert analysis of the economic and market climates. Though his focus may be on macro strategy and ensuring clients’ portfolios align with their investment objectives, he takes a lot of pride in helping clients navigate the complexities of wealth management to deliver financial peace.


Though Shawn’s focus may be on macro strategy, research, and ensuring clients’ portfolios align with their investment objectives, he takes a lot of pride helping clients navigate the complexities of wealth management to deliver financial peace.

Adrian Palmisano,

Associate Advisor

905-764-5552 | adrian.palmisano@rbc.com

If you ask Adrian, a successful and fulfilling career in wealth management comes from forming meaningful relationships with the clients you serve. And he’s a good person to ask, having spent his entire working life in financial services ever since his first job as a bank teller, in 1998.


Seven years later, Adrian made the leap into the world of wealth management as an Associate at RBC Dominion Securities. Just like at the bank, his new job was to understand the priorities, goals, and concerns of the clients he helped, and construct the best solution for their needs. Only now, Adrian worked shoulder to shoulder with Will & estate consultants, business owner specialists, tax experts, and insurance professionals to proactively protect his clients’ financial picture from every conceivable angle. In due time, Adrian’s high level of service and detailed planning earned him a place on several leading teams at our firm.


Today, Adrian is proud to be a longtime member of Mainella Private Wealth. His ability to plan for, support, and, most importantly, anticipate the needs of high-net-worth business owners and families makes him our go-to expert for the most complicated of wealth plans. It is truly rare that we come across a financial situation he hasn’t seen before.

Ivanela Lamanna, PFP

Associate Advisor

905-764-3091 | ivanela.Lamanna@rbc.com | LinkedIn

Personable, strategic, and incredibly driven, Ivanela always knew she wanted work business. She set out to complete a degree in Management Economics in Industry and Finance at the University of Guelph, and in doing so discovered exactly how she wanted to spend her career: helping people organize and clarify their complete financial picture, and get on the path to achieving their most important financial goals.


For Ivanela, part of truly committing to your long-term success is constantly striving to expand her experience, knowledge, and industry designations. After graduating, she held several roles that helped her learn the inner workings of our complex industry, and went on to obtain the Personal Financial Planner designation. This certification allows her to offer specialized advice and wealth planning expertise, and ultimately better protect the future you have envisioned.


As part of Mainella Private Wealth, Ivanela is responsible for investment trading, conducting transfers, and many other aspects of our client service and wealth management process. She also coordinates with the right financial specialists to keep your wealth secure from every angle. Her role comes down to a lot of question-asking, listening, planning, and, most importantly, “forming a deep connection with every client.”

Mathusan Nanthakumar, B.Comm.

Administrative Assistant

905-764-5646 | mathusan.nanthakumar@rbc.com | LinkedIn

Mathusan has always held a passion for numbers, the markets, and money management, which made his choice to pursue a career in financial services a clear one. His first step towards this goal was to complete a Bachelor of Commerce degree (in economics and finance) at Ryerson University, and, immediately after, he joined RBC.


Mathusan’s background is in retail banking, where he provided world-class service to help clients manage their credit, lending, and other banking needs. He made the move to Mainella Private Wealth in January of 2020, drawn by the emphasis we place on service excellence, and the potential to create more long-term financial strategies for clients.


Above all, Mathusan strives to be a reliable resource and advocate for our clients. “If every client I interact with can trust, from experience, that I keep commitments and bring them the best solution for their needs, I’ve done my job right.” On a day-to-day basis, this involves tasks such as addressing your various inquiries, providing documentation for your account setup, coordinating the services of our wealth management partners, and ensuring we meet the crucial, ever-evolving compliance regulations of our industry.