At The PFP Group of RBC Dominion Securities, our investment process starts with an investment in you. We take the time to get to know you, and understand why you are investing. From there, we create a personalized Investment Policy Statement, which documents your unique situation, needs and goals.

We believe in a top-down portfolio management approach. That means all of our investment decisions begin with an analysis of the global economic environment and market cycle. We then choose a mix of investments combining your needs with our view of the global economy and markets.

Our primary goal is to preserve your capital. To manage risk, we diversify your investments beyond just stocks, bonds and cash. We also diversify by geography, industry sector, management styles and credit quality.

In addition, we consider the full range of investment solutions when building your portfolio, enabling us to have a truly unbiased view. The result is an investment portfolio that strives to capture much of the market upside, while managing the downside risk.

The process doesn’t end there. We continually reassess your investment holdings to ensure they stay in line with your short- and long-term goals, while keeping you informed of your progress through regular communication. The net result is a relationship with you based on trust and transparency – one that will leave you feeling confident that your money is being managed with your best interests at heart.