Our primary goal is to preserve your capital and ensure your family continues to live comfortably.

We provide our clients financial peace of mind by serving as a dedicated point of solution for all of their wealth needs. Still, investing is a core part of every wealth strategy. With over 50 years of investing experience, the highest accreditations in financial analysis, and an established, proven process, our team can customize your portfolio and give you confidence that your money is being managed with your best interests.

Client discovery

Our first investment is in you – we take the time to get to know you, and understand what you’re investing towards. From there, we create parameters according to your unique situation, needs, goals, and comfort with risk, which guide us as we personalize your portfolio. We also take into account your important values, incorporating methods like ESG investing (seeking positive returns and long-term impact on society, the environment, and ethical business practices), as appropriate.

Objective analysis

Every investment decision starts with an understanding of the current global economic environment and where we are in the market cycle. We then leverage the vast resources of RBC capital markets research, as well as 3rd party research resources to identify specific investment opportunities. 

Security selection

We are investment agnostic – at all times choosing the right investment for your specific wants and needs. This includes a section of each client’s portfolio that can be allocated to alternative investments, and can be tailored to your individual needs for income, growth, or capital preservation.

Risk management

We strive to capture market upside, but never before protecting the downside, which starts with having an optimal mix of assets; investing in differing geographies, industries, asset types, etc.; focusing on tax-smart solutions; and aligning your portfolio with your objectives and comfort with risk.

Refine, rebalance, and report

The process doesn’t end with portfolio construction. We continually refine your investment parameters to ensure your portfolio evolves with your wants and needs, this includes rebalancing several times a year to maintain an optimal asset allocation. In addition, we provide steady communication in the form of our monthly market thoughts and personalized reporting to keep you informed.