Global Insight 2018 Outlook

Dec 08, 2017 | Alex Albrecht


Happy Holidays!


We are pleased to bring you the Global Insight 2018 Outlook.


RBC Wealth Management's Global Portfolio Advisory Commitee has launched a special edition of Global Insight, which provides unique perspectives on the investment themes that could define the year ahead from our analysts and strategists around the world.


In addition to discussing our 2018 view on equities, fixed income, commodities, and currencies, we have feature articles on the following:


U.S. economy and market gauges - Pressure Points

  • We like the setup for the economy and equities in 2018, but investors should never let complacency get the best of them.
  • It's always prudent to be on the lookout for warning signs and we examine our favorite recession and market guages.

Implications of cryptocurrencies and blockchain - New kids on the blockchain

  • Cryptocurrencies are unlikely to replace traditional money in the short and medium term.
  • The potential applications of the underlying technology, blockchain, go far beyond Bitcoin and could fundamentally change the way we do business.

Convergence of tech and health care - Just what the doctor ordered?

  • The intertwining of technology and health care will likely open new frontiers for patient care and investment opportunities.
  • Big data, AI, and robotics are some of the cutting-edge innovations transforming health care. The potential for convergence to spark productive advances seems open-ended to us.

Debt hot spots - Managing the load

  • The prospect of moderately higher interest rates demands a closer inspection of debt hot spots.
  • While a debt upheaval is unlikely in the near term, longer-term vulnerabilities linger.

A happy and healthy New Year to all!


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